Monday, October 18, 2010

Elf on the shelf turned Witch in a web!

My kids needed a little push to start behaving...anyone else have this problem?  Well, last year we had a blast at Christmas with our Elf on the shelf - we actually have 2 of them!  While thinking about the behaving issues a new idea was born...

I turned Layla, our girl elf on a shelf into a witch in a web!  I could have made her witch costume better, but I wanted her to be noticeably an elf in costume.
 None of the webs were there before, so when the kids woke up it was a big surprise!

Here is a picture of just her on the shelf.
I just used paper and made strips so she could still sit for the skirt.  I used some primas to dress up the belt.  I added some Halloween trim to her neckline.  Then I just played with the hat until it fit over her elf hat. 

Here is a picture of the whole doorway that Layla decorated.

The orange thing is a giant lollypop with a spider inside of it.  "Layla" found those at Wal-mart and got one for each of the kids.

Now for the cricut part.  Layla also made all 3 kids their own Halloween card, using the Little Monsters Cricut cartridge. 

Here is the first one. It is for Paizley, my little girl.

Here is the second one, for Levi.
And the third one for Hunter

The all say the same thing..Be Sweet (outside) if you want treats (inside)

All the cards also had a note inside that told the kids to behave because even though it is only Halloween time, Santa is already watching. (I'm not above bribery!)

Layla has been known to leave messes, notes, treats and all kinds of surprises around our house, and this one was very unexpected! 

Thanks for looking!  Happy Halloween1

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