Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Most recent photo shoots

I thought I would hop on and share a few more photos of some of my recent shoots.  I did another family shoot and some of my kids at the pumpkin patch.  I love fall and all the colors that can be used for backgrounds!

This one was just snapped at our soccer game, but her eyes are just so beautiful!

The love these two brothers have for one another melts my heart!

This is one of my favorites!

Look how happy he is!  I adore this child and his whole family!

I love how big these boys seem in these pictures

Here are some more family pictures I took, I love how carefree the girls are!

These were from the pumpkin patch

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Pictures

I have been spending more time with my camera than my scrapbooking stuff lately, so  I thought I would share some of my most recent photos.   I had some great families to be my wonderful models this time.

I'll start with my kiddos, well, because they are mine <3

Here are the Peck's family pictures
(I did spell her name right on your copy, I promise!)

Look at those eyes!  I LOVE THEM!

Who doesn't love baby pictures? 

And, lastly, the Smith kids!

Thank you to these beautiful families for allowing me to be their photographer!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Job Cards - Circle Blogiversary

It is the end of the first 9 weeks of school here, and both boys made Principal's list for all A's, so I made them each a card. My step daughter made AB honor roll, and I need to get her card done too,  but thought I would share these first. 

The first one I am entering in the Cricut Circle Blogivesary sketch challenge. I used the All Sports Cartridge and All mixed up.  I also used my iTop for the first time...that is going to be fun!

The outside says "you scored" and inside it says "Straigt A's"

The second card I made is for the Circle exclusive cartridge challenge. I used Pop up Neighboorhood for the truck and a mixture of A's from cartridges and stickers.

The inside says, "That's a truckload of A's"  Corny, I knw but he is 7 and will love it!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Card Previews

I finally made something!!!! Not just one or two somethings, but 5 somethings! For tonight, I have 2 Christmas cards to share with you all.  The first one is for the Cricut Circle Weekly Challenge, and is super simple the challenge was just to make a card. I used my Imagine and the Snow Angel cartridge.

All the ornaments were cut at 2 inches.

The second card is for the Circle Blogaversary Challenge to use your Imagine and to layer the cut. I used Snow Angel for this one too.

I Love those snowmen!  The background is also from Snow Angel. The sentiment says "warm winter wishes"

Thanks for looking, and  I hope to get more posted tomorrow, but no promises!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Ribbon Storage

I'm baaaackkkkk! And while I still haven't had the time to create, I have some things to share. I have a new love for the website Pinterest. You have to be invited to join, but it is a lot of fun...think of it as a virtual cork board, a place to keep all the cool stuff you find on the Internet in one place so you really can come back to it later.  If you would like an invite, send me your email address and I will invite you.  This isn't a promotion thing, I don't get anything from new members, I just love the site and wanted to share it with everyone!

  That is where I found this brilliant idea, and it is so simple, I can't believe I had never thought of it before.

This is my previous ribbon storage, while it looks pretty, it was a pain to get the ribbon I wanted out.

This is the start of the new storage...and to think it all started with  simple clothes pin! I totally had  a *DUH* moment when I saw it too.

It really is as easy as it looks, put one end of the ribbon in the clothes pin, roll it up and tuck the other end into the clip.

Now, I am not close to being done yet,  but I have about 150 ribbon clips in my repurposed cheese ball container from Target.

So, if you are looking for a good storage system for your ribbon, try it out...oh and it is cheap!!!! You can get 50 clothes pins for around a dollar
I hope you have found this helpful, and thanks for stopping by after my loooonnngggg time off of posting!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just wanted to do a quick update to say thanks for sticking with me.  I have been so super busy with the kids out of school and our garden is going crazy that the only crafting I have been able to do is in my head, and well, that is hard to share here!  I have been canning about 28 quarts of veggies a day, and with at least 6 kids running around all the time,  I am just lucky that I am still sane, so one day hopefully soon I will be back and crafting!   HAPPY SUMMER

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I just finished all of the baseball pictures for the county's Little League!!!! I just pressed "order" on a huge order of prints, so all I have to do now is sort them and hand them out! I am so excited to be done with them! I took over 900 pictures last week, and hopefully we can hand them out next weekend.

So why is this blog-worthy, well for a couple of reasons, 1. I have never been paid to take pictures before and to take them at this volume was a huge achievement for me and a huge boost in my self esteem too! 2. Now   I can scrap scrap and scrap as much as the 6 kiddos at my house all day everyday will let me.

Hopefully I will have some projects to share soon!