Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anniversary Card

My parents 40th Anniversary is Monday, so nothing like waiting to the last minute, but I made this card today to send them. I hope it gets there in time!  I am also entering this in the Circle Weekly Challenge which is Handmade flowers. 

This is my first easel card, and it was much easier then I thought it would be.  It isn't as detailed as I wanted it to be, but time is wasting away!

So, here it is

I used Storybook for the flowers and the shape on the top.  It is printed from Better Together.  Here is a straight on picture

I cut the shape out and then printed the sentiment on my computer and printed it onto the shape. 

It reads:
This special anniversary wish
That comes with love to you
Brings warm and heartfelt thans
For all the thoughtful things you do-

It also comes to let you know
You both mean more each day
To everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.

Happy 40th Anniversary

I can be bad with words, so I googled "anniversary card sentiments for parents" and that is what I found, and it fit perfectly.

That is my card, now off to make my dad's birthday card (it is monday too!)
Hopefully I have time to share it too!


  1. Wow, your card is so cool! I have never seen an easel card, I like it a lot. I now want the Storybook cart for the pretty flowers.

  2. I think your card is beautiful.

    I haven't cut those flowers from Storybook yet. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Your card is lovely and the sentiment is just as lovely too! :o)